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Channel 7 Just Got Owned

Oh dear Channel 7, you just got a bitch slapping by rival Channel 9. Now we know why the friggin annoying watermarks, which by the way was funny/inappropriate during the floods!!!


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Above and Beyond the Call of News Reporting

All hail Channel Nine cameraman Richard Moran who forgo getting shots of the rescue of baby Winnie from the rubble of a building in Haiti because he was helping dig her out. Instead rival news station Channel 7 got the scoop and all the accolades. In the footage you only see Channel 7’s new reporter standing above the hole and then taking the child and pouring water over her head. Moran later rang the head of news in Sydney to apologize. No need to hero, you did good.


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Bird-ened With Information

This was bound to happen having channel 9 so close to a nuclear reactor (kidding!). Newsreader Peter Hitchener was reading the news when the mother of all seagulls decided to have a closer look see! Oh and it wasn’t the first time the bird had been such a sticky beak “About 50 seconds to 6 o’clock this seagull arrived and started pecking at the camera and it had the beadiest huge eyes you’ve ever seen in your life.” Geez, lucky he didn’t decide to poop! Hitchener said he once swallowed a fly while reading the news because he didn’t want to spit it out live on air! The man’s a pro!

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