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Lesson 1

What do you do when you are rejected for a coaching and teaching position at a school? Hmm, well if you are disappointed  Indiana man you send (allegedly) the successful applicant dead skunks and raccoons, that’s what. Unfortunately, that has got him stalking, intimidation and criminal mischief charges which wont look good on his next application.


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Carpool Lane Fail

carpool failOK, one more time loons, if you are going to try and sneak into the carpool lane put some effort into your fake passenger for goodness sakes. A 61 year old woman got busted after a cop couldn’t help but notice her poorly constructed occupant. A pillow in a jacket and cap just doesn’t cut it, even of you put a briefcase on its lap. Oh and make sure your car is registered…sheez, bummer.


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Japanese Black Widow

weddingOK, here’s the thing Japanese Black Widow, the trick when bumping off your hubbies is to be discreet. Now, killing 6 husbands in 20 years is kind of pointing your own finger at yourself. The “alleged” Black Widow has been charged with the murder of who latest hubby who was killed by cyanide a month after their nuptials. It is believed inheritance and a nice insurance payout maybe the motivation. Police are currently investigating the deaths of her 5 previous husbands. Sheez, seriously, she should have  found a really, really, rich hubby in the first place and it would have saved her all this hard work and grief…. just saying


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Sheez, Parents These Days

Locking kids in a closet... and you?

Locking kids in a closet… and you?

A man from New York is in big trouble after he locked four kids in a closet after he caught them vandalizing his father-in-laws home. That’s an endangering the welfare of children charges right there. The kids aged between 8-10, who were armed with hammers and paint, destroyed walls, cupboards and cabinets, causing around $50,000 worth of damage before the man managed to round them up and put them into a closet while waiting for police to arrive. Unfortunately, thanks to the parents of these little rugrats, who put pressure on the authorities to have the man charged, he now faces a year in jail.

Want sauce with that?


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Best Way To Scare Kids

woman in ski mask scares kids with chainsawOh my, where’s the sense of fun. A 50 year old woman in Missouri has had her bubble burst after police charged her with felony harrassment after she donned on a ski mask and proceeded to scare the shit out of the neighborhood kids with a chainsaw. Inspiring. Sleep with one eye open little kiddies.

Want sauce with that?


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Argo F-Yourself Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck maybe the toast of Hollywood at the moment but over in Iran he’s just shit on their shoes. Iran are still friggin irate over Afflects portrayal of Iranians in his award winning movie Argo. So much so that they are planning to sue. One really pissed off Irani said Ben Affleck might one day be hanged for war crimes and treason and not just for Argo, but also for his role in the 2001 film Pearl Harbor. Hey, bad acting isn’t necessarily a hangable offence is it?  Run Lindsay Lohan, run!!!


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Fifty Shades of Shut the Hell Up

I don’t know which is worse, having to face your neighbors after having had very, very  noisy sex or having to face court after being charged under the Environmental Protection Act for your loud canoodling. The couple will be the first in South Australia to be charged with this type of offense, after police were called out over 20 friggin times…. since April….by very disgruntled neighbors.

Psst Environmental Protection Act LOL!!! I’m sure the wildlife didn’t care!!!



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Lance Armstrong a dope fiend?

Oh boy, I hope USADA, the anti doping agency, know what they are doing? Big call. Charging the 7 times Tour De France winner with using performance-enhancing drugs is kinda brave, crazy, stupid, considering he’s never tested positive in all his years as a cyclist.But then hey, Marion Jones, I never saw that one coming either. Yes, rumors have been flying around for years …. but Lance Armstrong? If found guilty, that’s a lifetime ban right there!


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Rebekah Brooks Is a Little Bit Salem

Tsk, tsk, tsk Rebekah Brooks it maybe a little bit Salem but you may just get burned at the stake for perverting the course of justice in the News of the World phone-hacking scandal. Brooks and her hubby are crying “witch hunt” after being charged with hiding material from police. Sheez, I wonder if Scotland Yard bugged her phone?

Want sauce with that?


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Truck Nuts

A driver has been pulled over in South Carolina for having a pair of anatomically correct fake testicles hanging from his truck’s rear bumper. The dude was charged with driving without a license and issued a warning about his obscene balls!


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