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That’s One Scary Mugshot!

Good lord Caius Veiovis what have you done to yourself? The Massachusetts man and his mates are facing murder and kidnapping charges. Hmm, you don’t say!

Want sauce with that?


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Probably Not A Good Idea In Hindsight

OK, honey, sweetie, darl, I wouldn’t recommend dressing up like a woman to avoid the press filming you as you leave court, especially if you are a friggin bloke! Martyn Crute, a company director facing charges for trading for 15 months without being registered with a gas safety body, thought he could sneak pasted waiting media without being noticed. Wrong! It was spotted in seconds!

Of course you want to see the photos…click here…you know you want to.


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Frustrated Man vs Good For Nothing Mower

I can feel your pain!

Damn straight Keith Walendowski, I’d shoot my friggin lawn mower too if it didn’t start! Geez, you can pop your arm right out of it’s socket getting the damn thing to go! Unfortunately for Mr Walendowski, he got himself a felony possession charge after he shot his with a short-barreled shotgun after losing his cool with it. If convicted the Milwaukee man could face a $11,000 fine or prison time. Meanwhile the grass is just getting longer. Sheez, life can be so unfair!

Psst Thanks to Sekan for this cranky man vs lawnmower story.


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