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Cop A Feel For Charity

old manTrust the Japanese to come up with “squeeze a porn star’s tit” to raise money for an AIDS charity. The group “Eroticism Saves The Earth”organised the telethon in which 12 porn stars offered their breasts to be fondled by fans in exchange for a donation. Hello , they  raised $25,000 and probably some blood pressures during the event.  One of the stars said “I never thought my boobs could contribute to society,”


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How Much For A Buffett Lunch?

Want to chew the fat with Warren Buffett? That will be $3.5 million, thank you. Come on people it’s for charity.


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Real Men Crochet

See my blanket, it was crocheted by a serial killer.

A group of 15 inmates at Ohio maximum security prison are seriously in touch with their feminine side after having joined a “Real Men Crochet” program to make mittens and hats for charity groups including Crayons to Computers and homeless shelters. Oh, how sweet! One murderer said crocheting gave him a positive way to pass the time. Knit one, purl one. Oh yeah, Ohio…the home of Bearman.


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Take A Bow Jacob French

Just to let you know Jacob French, Storm Trooper man, has finally completed his 5000km walk across Australia. May the force be with you. It took 9 months to complete but he  raised over $88,000 for the Starlight Children’s Foundation and has enough chaffing to last a life time.


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One Little Girl Is Going To Heaven

Grab those Kleenexs Loons. Last month Rachel Beckwith told everyone that instead of presents for her birthday this year she wanted everyone to donate to a charity that provided fresh water to families in developing countries. Sadly, Rachel died in a car accident on Saturday after being taken off life support. However, word soon spread about her fundraising wish. Enter website, Facebook and Twitter. One little girl’s wish has now raised over $130,000 in donations.


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Charity Fail

Oh for crying out loud,when a man told staff at the Morrisons store in Barry, South Wales, that he wanted to buy crisps, beer and fizzy drinks for a charity event they were more than helpful. They helped him load up £3,338 worth of food and drink in 22 trolleys and even announced the charity event over their announcement system. Only problem…. his bank card was declined. Seems the man had some mental illness issues.

Psst Yes the staff had to put it all back. Unlucky.


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Waxing Your Testicles Is Wrong

OMG, a British man who let his friends Brazilian wax his balls nearly lost one after 6 to 7 layers of skin was removed. Ouch, ouch, ouch. Joe Cooper and 10 of his mates were waxing themselves for a charity fundraiser at a local pub when Joe decided to go the extra mile and have  his testicles waxed. Oh boy, someone obviously got overly enthusiastic and ripped too fast.  Despite Joe ending up in hospital, they did manage to raise $4,443 for the Leicester Royal Infirmary children’s ward. Well done boys.


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Man Eats Winning Scratchcard

OK here’s the thing dumbass, if you win £8,930 on a scratchcard during a flight on Ryanair do not eat the friggin thing just because they don’t have enough cash on-board to pay you out straight away. The angry passenger was on the way from Poland to East midlands when the kerfuffle occurred. Hmm, as soon as the flight crew confirmed his winning ticket and informed him that he would have to collect the money directly from the company, he went ape shit and proceeded to eat the winning ticket. Now the dumbass won’t be receiving a cent, it will all be going to charity.

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