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See Ya Charles Manson

Evidently Charles Manson is about to see what is behind death’s door.  Good luck with that!  The 1960s cult leader/manipulative narcissist who mastermind then convinced his followers to kill, is about to meet his maker. The 83 year old only has a day or so to live due to an undisclosed illness. Can’t say I will be sad to see him go. I do hope however this will give some closure to those directly affected by his atrocities. No RIP from this loon.

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Charles Manson …Always a Bridesmaid

Charles Manson caught with another cell phone

Call me…

Good news ladies, Charles Manson is back on the market. Yep, he has dumped his lady love and cancelled the wedding after he discovered the evil, dastardly, fiend was planning to put his body on display after he croaked it. The 27 year old was evidently plotting with some mates to come up with a get rich scheme. Sheez, lucky for them Manson is behind bars, me thinks. Anywho, Manson claims he was never intending to marry the woman but was simply using her to get toiletries and goodies. Ouch. So ladies, anyone want an 80 year old serial killer, with a steady income and no chance of parole?


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Manson To Say I Do

What did I do?

 I do, I do, I do

Well ladies, I’m sorry to announce Charles Manson is off the market. No, he’s not dead, he’s getting married. Yes , the crazy as a cut snake mass murderer is set to walk down the cell aisle with a 26 year old woman. She has been visiting the 80 year old for the past 9 years and are now  going to be saying I do. The woman is the same nutter who told Rolling Stones magazine last year that they intended to marry despite Manson denying it. Hmm, probably end in tears …or worse.


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Charles Manson



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Manson Has The Devil On His Side

What did I do?

Lordie, lordie, lordie, the lawyer for Charles Manson, nicknamed “The Devil’s Advocate”,  wants Obama to set the crazy man free. Free I say, free. Giovanni Di Stefano claims Manson is not a murderer but simply a cult leader. Technically yessssss. Oh and it gets better, the lawyer says the only thing Manson is guilty of is telling his followers to “do something witchy” and never, ever specifically said to commit murder. He is demanding a new trial for Manson. Good luck with that.

Psst Oh and if you recognise the name Di Stefano, he’s the same attorney who represented Saddam and Chemical Ali.

2nd Psst What would happen if Manson was released? Witness protection and a cushy job at Starbucks?

Want sauce with that?

And a second helping?


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The Psycho Always Rings Twice

Attention people, whoever is smuggling in cell phones to Charles Manson can you friggin quit it. This is the second time the scariest man on earth has been caught with a phone. Hello, the dude is the god of mind fuck. All we need is another group of wacko followers to get caught in his manipulation tactics for goodness sakes. He’s been locked up for near 40 years imagine how pissed he is…and vengeful ?

Want sauce with that?


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Guess Who Got Caught With A Cell Phone?

Call me

What’s worse than OJ with a knife? Charles Manson with a friggin cell phone! Evidently,  he was caught with one and evidently it isn’t illegal for California prisoners to have one. Hmm, and to think Arnie vetoed a bill that would fine the fools who smuggle phones to friggin serial killers and gang members. You bad?


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