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Who Ya Gonna Call?

Ok loons, check out this film clip and see what you think. A man in Ireland believes he has spotted a time traveler in a piece of old footage from the 1928 Charlie Chaplin film, The Circus. The clip seems to show a woman talking on a cellphone as she walks along the street. The footage in question appears in the extras menu of the DVD which shows real people attending the Hollywood premier. Hmm, if it’s really a time traveler I can pretty much guarantee she ain’t using an iPhone4 (doesn’t even work in the friggin present).


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Biggest Cinematic Find Found On eBay

Missing Charlie Chaplin film found on eBayOMG, remember the Charlie Chaplin movie Zepped, his World War I propaganda film where he pulls the piss on Germany’s Zeppelin? Probably not because it vanished years ago. Hmm, well it’s back!!! Morace Park from Essex in England bought it on eBay for $5.68. Yes, I kid you not, he bid for an old battered film canister listed as “an old film” and there inside was a fragile 35 mm nitrate film of Zepped. It is now being declared as the biggest cinematic find of the last 100 years. Gosh, I hope he speaks in this one?  OK, it is only 7 minutes long but it is Charlie, Charlie Chaplin. Geez, that Morace Park is probably going to make more money from that film than the gross revenue of all Nicole Kidman’s films!

Psst Now if they can only find the lost footage of JFK’s assassination !

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