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Ashton Kutcher Winning

Oh for crying out loud, I thought the series was all but dead and buried until the announcement Ashton Kutcher is replacing Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men. Evidently Hugh Grant turned the latest offer down.


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So What Did You Miss?

So what did you miss while your eyes were glued to the Japanese disaster? Well, Gaddafi’s  army are “marching to cleanse the country” of insurgents and basically anyone who says nasty things about him. Mel Gibson pleaded no contact contest to whacking his woman and got himself community service (which he plans to do at his ex wife’s charity). Lindsay  Lohan vacated her condo in Venice (California) for fear she would be swept away by the tsunami and then have to explain that to the judge!Charlie Sheen called Jon Cryer a troll. Jon cryer confesses to being one. Oh and Burger King’s global chief executive Bernardo Hees called British food…..crap…. and their women unattractive. So basically the world’s still revolving if not a little off its axis!


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Winning Fail

Warner Brothers have just said adios to Carlos Irwin Estevez (that’s Mexican for dumbass). Yep, Charlie Sheen has had his crazy ass fired from Two and a Half Men, effective immediately. Hmm, how’s that “winning” working for ya?

Psst Hey Charlie, I hear there is a bunk waiting for you at Gaddafi’s pad!


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Leave Charlie Sheen Alone

Leave him alone, he’s winning!!!! Blahahaaha, this is in response to Charlie Sheen’s  radio rant which resulted in the season’s cancellation of  Two One and a Half Men. Oh boy, is Jon Cryer gonna be forced to live up to his name.  Back to auditions boys?


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Charlie Sheen Is At It Again

Charlie Sheen was rushed to hospital last night with severe abdominal pain after a 36 hour bender. TMZ is reporting that a “briefcase full of cocaine” was delivered to his house during the private shindig which included 2 porn stars and several other women. Hmm, copious amounts of alcohol and bricks of cocaine, tsk, tsk Charlie,  Dr Drew is ready and waiting !

Psst CBS’s shares dropped 2.9% after  news broke that their highest paid star had been rushed to hospital. Coincidence?


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The Sheen Keeps Rubbing Off

How many times do we have to do this scene?

Oh for crying out loud Charlie, if you continue abusing drugs while trashing a hotel room naked with a prostitute hiding in the closet, there is a high probability they will rename the show One and a half men. Charlie Sheen, who was suppose to be spending quality time with his kiddies in New York, has found himself in hospital  with what his reps say was an “allergic” reaction to medication …in otherwords cocaine and alcohol. The incident allegedly occured after Mr Sheen couldn’t find his wallet or cellphone and had a hissy fit. Exit naked escort into closet while Sheen trashed the room.Denise Richards and their little snowflakes were also staying at the Plaza Hotel during the rampage but were thankfully in a different room because otherwise that would have been awkward!


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Two and a Half Charges

Did Charlie Sheen get far too much into the Christmas spirits? Hmm, he’s in jail, his wife is pissed and Denise Richard’s Christmas just got a whole lot brighter. At present no one knows who started the fight  or who hit whom first but either way, domestic violence doesn’t look good on anyone’s rap sheet.

UPDATE Hmm, seems Charlie’s wifey pooh Brooke Mueller had too much Christmas spirits according to leaked  friggin inside sources.


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