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Cheap Wine At Royal Wedding

I’m glad my Royal Wedding invitation got lost in the mail. Sheez, £8.50 wine? I don’t think so. Hmm, already Kate’s adding her commoner’s touch!

Want a Berocca with that?


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Australian wine cheaper than bottled water

Geez Bert, I think I am going back to beer!

Want to know where you can buy wine cheaper than bottled water? Hmm, try Australia. There goes that friggin alco pop tax out the window. Winemakers can’t even give the stuff away. Cleanskins (bottles without labels) are selling for as little as $1.99 a bottle because of the over planting and oversupplying by Australian wine makers. Some wine growers aren’t even picking this year. Winemakers Federation of Australia want 20% of vines to be phased out in the next 3 years. To hell with that people, just drink friggin more, dah!


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