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Back To The Drawing Board

Oh for the love of common sense. Forget steroids to win Kenya’s Nairobi International Marathon, why not just emerge from a crowd about a km from the finishing line and then sprint passed the exhausted competitors. Ta-da $7,000 in your pocket. Everything went according to plan for Njogu, except for the fact he wasn’t sweating and had no signs of fatigue, despite having supposedly just run 42km. Officials raised their eyebrows, had a little chat and then disqualified the friggin cheat…. oh and arrested him.


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Might Want To Switch To Chess?

Who the hell cheats at a National Scrabble Championship? Hmm, evidently some kid. Orlando tournament organizers were appalled when it was discovered the young chap had been hiding blank tiles during a game (dobbed in by his opponent). One distraught competitor said “The community prides itself on integrity and honesty and sportsmanship.” Hmm, he should come play with my family then because we don’t.


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Forget Steroids, Catch a Bus

Tsk, tsk, Rob Sloan. The  runner who came third in the Kielder marathon in England had to give his medal back after witnesses saw him catch a bus for the last section of the race and then jump off just before the finishing line. Once off the bus he  hid in a wooded area behind a tree until the first and second runners jogged past then he rejoined the race.  Mr Sloan was originally outraged that anyone would accuse him of cheating but later admitted to it after witnesses saw him on the bus. It also didn’t help that the lead pack couldn’t understand how he had passed them. After the race a smug Sloan told reporters the race as “absolutely, unbelievably tough”.  Awkward.


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Forget About The Cameras Matt Prior ?

Holy cricket furor Batman. English wicketkeeper Matt Prior seems to have suffered short term memory loss when he tapped off the bails and then claimed batsman Mitchell Johnson had been bowled during a one dayer last night. The replay kinda shows him getting caught in the act. Awkard.

Psst At least they didn’t under arm it!

2nd psst Cricket is a sport.


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Sudoku Tournament Scandal

Suspected sudoku cheat at tournamentWTF, a cheating probe at a sudoku tournament, what has the world come to? Officials of the Philadelphia Inquirer National Sudoku Championship are rightly pissed after discovering contestant Eugene Varshavsky was unable to complete some easy steps in the puzzle during the final round.Varshavsky, who played in a hoodie throughout the tournament, romped through the second round (in near world record time) but when he got to the finals was unable to complete the puzzle. He eventually came third and took home $3,000 and a bad reputation!

Psst I hope they did drug tests too!


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