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I Don’t Think She Is Going To Apologize

Man lives in tree waiting for apologyOK, here’s the thing mister, make sure you really, really think about your threats before following through with them. Sanjay from India was so upset when he caught his wife cheating on him with his neighbor he climbed up a guava tree and refused to come down until she apologized. He’s still there ….nine months later.


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Forget Steroids, Catch a Bus

Tsk, tsk, Rob Sloan. The  runner who came third in the Kielder marathon in England had to give his medal back after witnesses saw him catch a bus for the last section of the race and then jump off just before the finishing line. Once off the bus he  hid in a wooded area behind a tree until the first and second runners jogged past then he rejoined the race.  Mr Sloan was originally outraged that anyone would accuse him of cheating but later admitted to it after witnesses saw him on the bus. It also didn’t help that the lead pack couldn’t understand how he had passed them. After the race a smug Sloan told reporters the race as “absolutely, unbelievably tough”.  Awkward.


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