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Scorn Marketing

Hmm, someone isn’t happy that their hubby left them for someone younger. The newly single Oregon woman, who is now forced to sell the family home, says “I want everyone to know I am hurt. I am scorned. I am bitter. I am sad,”

Psst If you look closely at the bottom of the sign it reads “Adulterers need not apply,”


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While You Were Sleeping

Look away men, this could bring an enormous tear to your eye. A Vietnamese woman was so livered that her hubby had had an affair she grabbed a pair of scissors while he was sleeping, snipped off his penis and threw it in the river. Oh come on, it wasn’t that bad, she only cut half of it off. Sheez! After handing herself in she told police he was a wife beating, jobless, druggie. Hmm I’m guessing  the marriage is over then!


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Jealous Even At 98

Sheez, can't a man look?

You’re never too old to whack your cheating hubby over the head with a pan I say.Just ask the mother of all cougars a 98 year old Russian woman who suspected her 78 year old husband had been eying off their female neighbor. Bo-ing, take that you bastard. The hubby, whose head must have been ringing, returned the compliment by hitting her on the hand with a rolling pin. The elderly woman now faces assault charges and probably great make-up sex!!!


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Someone Got Her Goat

Ain't Tiger glad he wasn't a gardener?

OMG, never ever get caught cheating behind Joyce Mukamurigo’s back or she’ll up and kill you with a garden hoe while you sleep. Yes, the Rwandan woman was so pissed that her hubby sold the family goat to buy his mistress some clothes she whacked him with a hoe (ironically appropriate). The mother of five said it only took one big blow to the noggin to kill him. Hmm, less mess.


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A Woman’s Scorn

That should do it!

That should do it!

Here’s the thing guys, if you are going to cheat on your missus expect something to happen to your genitals. The Loons are well versed on this subject matter. Oyindamola Ojofeitimi (way too many vowels) was pretty damn peeved with her hubby’s infidelities. So much so she decided to take revenge in a manner that would bring tears to any man’s eyes. As he lay sleeping like a baby in his bed, Oyindamola was brewing herself a nice big pot of boiling water. She tiptoed to his room and then poured it all over Emmanuel “Ojo” Ojofeitimi’s manhood. She then picked up a chunk of wood to defend herself, just in case he retaliated (as if). Neighbors describe a sound like that of a woman’s scream coming from their apartment (no doubt). He is now in hospital with  2nd and 3rd degree burns and she is now hoping someone will bail her out of jail.Mr Ojofeitimi Said “I didn’t anticipate this at all,” (they never do).

Psst You think a couple in their 60’s would know better!


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