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British Water Affecting Otters’ Penis Bones

What about the beavers???

What about the beavers???

Well British loons, it seems the weight of otters’ penis bones are decreasing. What the hell does that even mean? Experts are saying the reason for this is the chemicals found in British waterways. The male otters are also suffering from an increase in undescended testicles and cysts on sperm-carrying tubes. One doctor says this is an early warning sign to all mammals including humans. Dear god a decreasing penis bone is not what you want.

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Soaps Can kill

OK, if I haven’t scared you enough about antibacterial soaps (including deodorants and mouthwashes) let me just throw in this, a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences links these chemical saturated products with heart failure. Happy smelling good.

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I Thought Airbags Were A Safety Device?

No need to panic people, but those friggin airbags in your car are deadly. A British man died after inhaling the fumes from his airbag after being involved in a minor accident.The kaboom triggered the airbag, which broke a window, that cut the bag and he breathed in the chemicals. Two months later he was dead from a lung infection.

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Be Gone Cancer Causing Chemicals In Pepsi and Coke

No cause for alarm people but Pepsi and Coca Cola lovers might want to turn their heads away for this one. Seems both drink companies have announced they will be cutting the levels of chemicals in their caramel coloring in order to avoid having to put a “cancer warning” on their drink’s labels. Oh dear, evidently there is way too much 4-MEI (carcinogen) in the coloring  which means under California laws they either have to reduce the levels or whack a warning sticker on their products . Those damn lab mice and their tumors!!!!! By the way Pepsi and Coke both are adamant their drinks are safe.

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Synthetic Perfumes Stink

Don't know, we think it could be the Old Spice?

No need to panic people but that perfume you’re wearing could be toxic.Yep, seems all the nasty chemicals added to perfume and cologne don’t necessarily appear on  the label. Trade secret and all, you understand. Dear god, some of the side effects of splashing yourself with perfume include allergic reactions, hormone disruption and sperm damage. When Analytical Sciences tested 17 popular fragrances including Chanel and Armani they found 40 chemicals, of which only two were listed.

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We Don’t Do Vomit

Damn these terrorists!

Gosh and I thought I was paranoid, a woman in Orland rang the sheriff’s office requesting a deputy come pick up a bag of vomit. She told the dispatcher she believed terrorists may have put chemicals in her food so she upchucked so it could be tested. Better safe than sorry right? Anywho, she was told to basically piss off and get some other sucker to test the vomit.


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Chemical Nightmare

OK people,  no need to panic but Spanish researchers are claiming that swimming in chlorinated pools can increase the risk of cancer. The good news is that it can be offset by showering before swimming, wearing a bathing cap and refraining from urinating (it isn’t clear whether that was before,  during  or after swimming). Anywho, a more pressing problem is the fact that chlorine is added to most water supplies. We’re doomed I say, doomed!


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Body Odor Proof Clothes

Now all you need is something for your breath!

Well, well, well, stink proof clothing for the Aussie market, how charming. Yes, King Gee are introducing “steel” shirts which are treated with some kind of chemical that makes the fabric odor destroying. Evidently it seeks out the stink elements of your BO and neutralizes the smell. To release the body odor all you have to do is  simply wash it…hmm, so your washing machine cops it! The really clever thing about this “smart clothing” is that it won’t neutralize your perfume or smoke, just stench. So I’m guessing  it doesn’t absorb farts? Hmm, no mention on how safe those chemicals are!

Psst Here’s a simpler solution, use friggin deodorant!


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Friggin Fire Safe Cigarettes

OK, lets start with a little irony, US smokers are worried that the new Fire Safe cigarettes could be dangerous to their health. The “Fire Safe” cigs are suppose to stop burning the moment you stop puffing, but many smokers are complaining of headaches and nausea after puffing them. That can’t be good. Many are concerned that the chemicals used to act as a fire retardant are poisonous. Geez, I couldn’t imagine the cigarette companies doing that!


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