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Oh Deer

christmas tree 3OK, firstly I had no ideer (excuse the pun) that Norwegian reindeer were radioactive! Seems the source of Caesium-137 is thanks to dust that blew across from that damn friggin Chernobyl nuclear power plant in 1986. Scientists have now discovered that the reindeer are more radioactive than ever, thanks to their over indulging of gypsy mushrooms which is uber high in radioactive materials. This probably explains Rudolph’s red nose.


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Honey, Why Are You Glowing

Roof collapses at Chernobyl

No need for alarm

Um, stay calm people. Breathe in breathe out. Seems Chernobyl has had a partial roof collapse, thanks to some heavy snowfall. I know, I know, but no need for alarm the collapsed happened 50 metres away from the “sarcophagus,”  which is a special area built to contain the radiation. Authorities are telling locals to stay calm as they are under no current danger. As you were, go back to milking your two headed cows, we have this under control.


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Bigger Than Chernobyl

OK, no one panic, but you know things are bad when Japan orders the world’s largest pump to spray concrete on Fukushima ‘s out of control radioactive rods. To make matters worse nuclear experts are claiming the Fumushima nuclear reactor disaster leaves the Chernobyl one for dead (pardon the pun) and may result in a rewrite of the international scale used to measure the severity of atomic accidents. Dr John Price thinks it could take a hundred friggin years to cool the nuclear rods before they can be removed. Worse still are the rumors the Samurai 50 will all die from radiation sickness within weeks.


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It’s Never Going Away, Is It?

Haven't you heard?

Umm, no need to panic, but remember the Chernobyl nuclear disaster of 1986? Yeah, that one. Well, you know how Russia is going through it’s worst ever heat wave in recorded history and as a result have friggin fires raging out of control all over the place? Hmm, well there are concerns now that the wildfires around the Chernobyl region are threatening to stir up radioactive particles in the ground and send them back into the air. One expert said “A cloud may come up in the air with soot and spread over a huge territory,” Hmm, I bet a few are regretting buying cheap blocks of land now!

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