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Chicken Shit

The shit is falling, the shit is falling!

It wasn’t an Aussie pilot’s finest hour when he crashed his plane into a huge friggin pile of chicken shit. Ben Buckley was  re-enacting the first powered controlled flight in his Aussie designed and built plane when it when it went up and then down before skidding into a 20 tonne pile of chicken manure at the edge of the runway…tada!

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No Shit Ji Shi

Say what? Thats foul!

Say what? Thats foul!

What the! When Zhu Xiansheng’s daughter was born he decided to name her Ji Shi. Nice, if it didn’t mean friggin “Chicken Dung” (come on people, I can’t make this up!). Yes, for 18 years the poor girl has had to endure taunts and finger pointing because of her unfortunate name. Not to mention the day to day embarrassment, like driver’s license ,  job applications and even her friggin mail. So why on earth would her family put her through this? Well, when Chicken Dung was a little baby she became seriously ill. In fact she was so ill she wasn’t expected to survive. As a last resort one of the doctors in the village suggested that the family try pasting her with chicken shit, while taking some medication (no people, it’s true!!). Well wouldn’t you know it, she made a miraculous recovery and her parents decided to name her in honor of the treatment. Needless to say the second Ji Shi turned 18 she legally changed her name to Yingzi.


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