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A postie in England who witnessed a chicken flying the coop has left an amusing little note for the owner using a delivery card. No word on whether the chicken is still on the run.


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What Is This Stain On My Chicken??????

Meat plant owner used underwear to clean  equipmentOh for the love of hygene. An illegal Bristol  meat processing plant owner dodged a jail sentence after it was discovered he was using undies to clean his makeshift butchery. Did I happen to mention he had no wash basins or knife sterilisers either? Evidently the shonky businessman was supplying around 60 businesses in the Bristol area with unhygenic chicken and meat. The dude got busted when a customer at a takeaway complained about a piece of wire found in his fried chicken and the health inspector traced it back to him. Inspectors discovered that he had been buying chicken from reputable suppliers, stripping it off the bone and dicing it, and then putting it back into the original supplier’s boxes which had the “health” mark stamped on it.


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Cluck Cluck Saves The Day

Get out, get out

Get out, get out

A Wisconsin couple are thanking their lucky stars they saved Cluck Cluck from their neighbor’s chopping block (when it stopped laying eggs) because the chook saved their lives. Seems when a fire broke out in their house the chicken, who was living in a cage in their basement, went berserk and began clucking hysterically. The raucous woke them up and they were able to escape. Cluck Cluck was later rescued by firefighters. Who wants a leg?


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Blame The Chicken

The worst excuse EVER for raping a woman …. “I saw her suggestively eating chicken”

Brian Witty, a former British army officer,  is currently on trial for the alleged rape of three women.

Want sauce with that?


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KFC Without The Buns!

Hmm, a heart attack waiting to happen. Thank goodness for Obama’s new health reforms!

Psst You might want to venture over to Hambo Central after eating one of these and check for symptoms!


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Last Act Of Defiance

Oh for goodness sakes! A black chicken has been tormenting drivers on a busy intersection in Glendale for months. The plucky little chook loves nothing better to do than play chicken with cars all day long and dodge the occasion human who attempts to catch her. The black hen appears every morning at 7o’clock on the dot and spends the day teasing drivers with it’s road crossing antics. Despite numerous attempts to catch her, she is too friggin fast and shrewd to give up her corner just quite yet.

Psst Check out crazy chicken loving Jennifer reporting on the elusive chook.


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Why Did The Chicken Catch The Train?

A man obviously enamored with his pet chicken has been taped hugging and kissing it on a New York uptown No 6 subway train. Might want to go sell crazy somewhere else! Bok, Bok, Bok….


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Very Fowl!

A dyslexic chicken made an unexpected visit to the Durango City Council meeting yesterday in Colorado, where they were discussing a recently-passed backyard hen ordinance. After a little bok,bok, bokking and feather flapping the chook laid an egg and left. Everyone loves a chicken who has a healthy interest and respect for local politics.


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