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Oh For Cluck Sake

Why did the Scottish chickens cross the road? Because they all wore hi vis vests of course. The Glenshieling House Bed and Breakfast has placed High Visibility vests on their wandering chickens so they don’t become roadkill (or supper). They also have added “Glenshieling House Girl” on each vest to promote their business.

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Get Flocked

An Oregon man was so pissed off at the Tax department he did the only thing a god-damned pissed off Oregon man could do….. he released 6 equally pissed off chickens in the lobby of the Department of Revenue’s office. No one is quite sure what the tax department did to set off the chain of events but I can tell you the Humane society is now equally pissed at recieving the homeless chooks “This time of year definitely in our cattery and our kennel we’re full. We are now full of chickens as well,” Fa lalalalala la la la la

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Claudius Vs a Gang of Mean Chooks

This is why Claudius has to have supervised visits outside. It’s a cruel world ….



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Urban Chickening

It's hard to open the fridge to get a beer!

Oh my, Robert McMinn and Jules Corkery have probably got high cholesterol and the stinkiest apartment in Queens after they decided to raise three chickens in their one bedroom apartment. Yep, it’s part of an urban organic food movement. The couple get about 6 eggs a week from their hens. It is suspected hundreds of people are raising chickens in the city. Hmm, you can probably tell from the scratch marks on their sofas.

Psst My chicken Gretel, stopped laying after watching Jerry Springer!


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Friggin Chickens

Chickens! Friggin chickens. Everyone is obsessed by them (right Frank and Jammers?) So I did a bit of scratching around and found these funny little chickenesque clips …..

Psst The last clip features badassed chicken police.


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