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Chihuahua vs Great Horned Owl

Want a piece of me?

Chico is one damn lucky Chihuahua and must be eternal grateful to his owner for dressing  him in his doggy jacket or he may have ended up owl bait. George Kalomiris was walking his 4lb pooch in Illinois when a friggin great horned owl swooped down and attempted to take off with Chico. Fortunately the owl couldn’t get a really good grip, thanks to the slippery doggy jacket and failed to lift the shocked Chihuahua too far off the ground. Meanwhile Mr Kalomiris was hanging tightly to the lead. In the end Chico suffered only a few scratches and bruises plus a big friggin fear of the dark.


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Mind Your Step

Hey! Not funny big guy.

Hey, not funny big guy!

Hello, can someone get this friggin Clydesdale off my head! Little Berry the chihuahua has been a long time mate of Leroy the Clydesdale.The two were often seen frolicking around in the paddock together. Hmm, but Leroy pushed his friendship to the limit recently when he accidentally stepped backwards right onto  Berry’s head (would that make her a blackberry or a blueberry?). The poor little Chihuahua’s nose was all that could be seen under the hoof of the 900kg horse.Abbey Newton of Geelong, Melbourne, rushed her squashed pooch to the vets where they suggested it would be best to put Berry down. Unable to go through with it Abbey took her home to die. By morning Berry had bounced back. Yay Berry!


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Dog Day Afternoon



Stop me if I am wrong here, but aren’t chihuahuas one of the smallest breed of dog in the world? Hmm, so when a chihuahua attacks a policeman does he A) taser it B) shoot it 3 times or c) leave it alone. OK if you chose A) and B) you are correct. Police admit they tasered and then shot the chihuahua, Jack, after they cornered him on a property in Cincinnati.Reason? It wouldn’t stop biting one of the  policemen. When Scott and Sharon Bullock arrived home from a funeral they noticed blood and three bullets on their porch but no pooch! It was only after they rang police did they discover the carnage that had happened outside their family home.You would have thought tasering the little mite would have just about done the job…why 3 bullets? Hmm, maybe they were embarrassed to call for back up?

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Friggin Worst Dog

Who Us ?

Who Us ?

If you are considering buying a pooch I suggest you avoid a Great Dane or a Chihuahua evidently they are the most destructive of the canines and will cause you the most grief. According to a British survey they are the lost likeliest to crap on your carpets, eat your sofa and chew the heck out of anything left lying around. And all you Mastiff, Basset Hound and Whippet owners don’t you snicker your dogs are next! One Chihuahua breeder came leaping to the little pooches defence “Alright they can be quite feisty little things and they sometimes chew things and scratch wallpaper, but what dog doesn’t?” she said. Wallpaper fiends, how awful.The survey concluded that if you purchase a Great Dane expect to pay around $1400 worth of damages.

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