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Too Racist To Have Molested That Kid

Teachers says she's too racist to molest a black childWhat’s worse than being accused of being a first grade child molester? Telling police you’re innocent because you would never molest a black kid. Out of the frying pan … The school teacher, who is accused of touching a girl’s ‘private parts’  , told police she couldn’t have fondled the student because she’s a racist and doesn’t like touching black children. Dear lord.


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The Usual Suspect

Don't go friggin near him!

WTF Houston? A Texas Department of Criminal Justice inmate, being transported between jails, has managed to pull out a gun, hijack the van, steal one of the officer’s gray correctional uniforms and black boots and escape with four guns, including a 12 gauge shotgun while in a wheelchair…tada! Yes, Arcade Joseph Comeaux, who was shackled during the transportation had been using a wheelchair for 10 years. Described as black, 6 feet tall and 200 pounds, Comeaux is believed to have simply walked off after overpowering the two officers, leaving the wheelchair in his wake. Hmm, so very Keyser Söze. Comeaux is serving a life sentence for child molesting and a string of aggravated sexual assault charges. He had additional time added to is sentence after he stabbed his wife multiple times with a metal object during a prison visit in 1999 while confined to his wheelchair.

Psst Do you think he used his wheelchair as a crutch?


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