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Some Mothers Do Have Them

A 4 year old Chinese kid  spent a good hour with his head stuck in a L shaped pipe.  Hmm, lets see the time line… about thirty minutes smashing into things before his parents found him , a short ride to the local fire station and then another 20 minutes patiently screaming while fireman removed it.



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Children’s birthday parties are so over rated

student 3 A 5 year old who was a no show at his friend’s birthday party was handed a bill for failure to show. The party, which was at the Ski Slope and Snowboard Centre, averaged out at about $40 a head. The kid had RSVPed he was going but later opted to spend the day with his grandparents after realising his parents had double booked . The father claimed they had no contact details to let the snowflake’s mother know his son would no longer going to be attending. The “No Show” invoice was left in the kid’s schoolbag. On the bright side he wasn’t charged VAT. The mother is now threatening to take them to small claims court if they don’t cough up.

PSST Seriously? First world problems love.  Kiddies should have been made to pay in advance if you had no show concerns.


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Village of the Damned


Goodbye now

Hey, its the 1980s calling and they want their hysteria back. Seems a village in China are so worried about a child who was diagnosed with HIV they have signed a petition to have him removed. The petition reads in part “Kunkun is diagnosed with AIDS, causing great fear among the villagers and village children. In order to ensure the safety of villagers and children, we demand that authorities quarantine Kunkun for treatment,”

PSST Even his grandfather signed it.


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Thanks Son

A guy is stranded in South Korea after his 4 year old son took to his passport with a black felt tip pen and doodled all over his face. Oh and he drew a few animals and stuff. Wanna see?

passport fail


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Here Doggy Doggy

To anyone who thinks cats are better than dogs bwahahahahahaha. Watch what kitty does when his master, a little autistic boy,  gets attacked by a dog ……



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Parents Dearest

The last thing a French mechanic  expected to see in the trunk of a car was a starving little kid. The child believed to be around 23 months old was found after a man dropped off his partner’s car  to be serviced. Father is denying any knowledge of the baby. Seems wifey had a little secret and didn’t tell anyone about the birth and instead used the trunk of the car as home for the bub. The child is suffering from malnutrition and mental problems. Both parents face 10 years jail. Their other three children have been taken into care.


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Is Your Kid A Psychopath?

Scientists can tell if your child is a psychopathWant to know if your kid is a psychopath? Wonder no more.  The University College London can tell you with a simple brain scan. Scientists there have been testing kids between 10-16 to see if a certain region of their brain shows reduced activity when they see images of people in pain. If they do, viola, you have a potential psychopath on your hands. Hmm, not really sure what you do with that information but maybe you should start by hiding the pets 😦

Want sauce with that?


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The Problems With Sperm Banks

There could be nothing worse than an ex girlfriend tricking a sperm bank into handing over your sperm so she can conceive your kid out of spite for breaking up with you. Oh wait, there could be.  You could then be forced to pay child support for the kid. It happens,  just ask the poor dude in Louisiana.

Want sauce with that?


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Hey Mommy, Look At My Cute Necklace

An unfortunate little snowflake had to have the big Burbank firemen hacksaw a toilet seat off her cute little head. No word yet on how the 3 year old got her noggin stuck in the child sized toilet seat but I hope her parents got photos so they can whip them out on her 21st birthday! Hmm or better yet, on Facebook!


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Underage Drinking

Hello, taxi?

OK, here’s the thing employee of Applebees, please don’t serve an alcoholic margarita mix as part of a kids meal because inevitably a 15 month old boy is going to drink it, get drunk, be rushed to hospital and cause an investigation in which you will probably lose your job. Taylor Dill-Reese thought her son was sipping on apple juice at an Applebee’s in Michigan but when he started acting strangely she had a whiff and discovered it was a margarita. It’s believed the child had a blood alcohol reading of .10 . An investigation is currently underway.

Psst No one at the table had ordered an alcoholic drink in case you were wondering it was a mix up.


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