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Wasn’t 69 Days Sweating In A Mine Enough?

A big shout out to Edison Pena for completing the New York City Marathon. Who the hell is he you may well ask? Go on ask? Well, he’s one of the 33 Chilean miners who was trapped in that friggin hole for 69 days and also sings a mean Elvis. Pena completed the marathon in the time of 5:40:51 which is 1650.19.09 less than what he spent underground.

Psst Must have been on his bucket list!


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Cheating Chilean Miner Is A Free Man (kind of)

OMG, Yonni Barrios, the cheating Chilean bastard miner was greeting by his wife girlfriend as he was unlatched from the rescue capsule.Wifey-poo was a no show because said she didn’t want to become centre of the media circus when his sorry ass was lifted out of the mine. He’ll be in for it when he gets home!

Psst I’m guessing he will never be a free man!


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While The Cat’s Away

No way I'm friggin coming out now!

Awkward. Sometimes being trapped in a Chilean mine is a better option than facing your wife and mistress. Seems one of the trapped Chilean miners, Yonni Barrioshas, has a little issue unraveling about 700m above him. His wife Marta Salinas, and his lover, Susana Valenzuela, have bumped into each other during a vigil for him outside the mine. Marta says her hubby loves her but the mistress has told her he was planning to leave her. Lucky for Yonni Barrios he’s got 4 months saving grace before having to face them both. Good luck with that!

Psst On a lighter note authorities have banned the miners from having cigs and booze. Must be fun down there now!


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