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Now If 33 Chilean Women Were Trapped….

Hey, who nicked my Moet?

What happens in a Chilean mine doesn’t necessarily stay in a Chilean mine. Seems now the dust has settled and all the 33 trapped miners have had time to collect their thoughts, stories are emerging of drugs, sex and rock n roll down in that hole. A new book is claiming that while authorities were scratching their heads wondering how the hell they were going to all the men out from the 800m underground pit, friends and family were smuggling drugs down to them in letters. Unfortunately the men’s requests for a few blow up dolls was denied because experts believed it would cause jealously amongst them, so instead they got lousy pin ups.

Psst As long as they could squeeze  bottles of champers, a toothbrush, a pillow and cable TV down into that hole, I’d be set.

Want sauce with that?


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I Wear My Sunglasses At Night

Cooler than me Ray Bans

Hey loons, did you all love the Chilean miners sunglasses? Well, they are Oakley sunnies.In what is being called the biggest product placement coup of the century, Oakley donated the 35 pairs of glasses. With virtually the entire world watching the company received the equivalent of $41 million free advertising. Hello, no one could avoid noticing those stylish shades. Oh and before you go all anti Oakley, it was a Chilean journo who recommended the brand to the Chilean private health insurer. The donated shades provide 100 percent ultraviolet light protection and cost around $180 a pair.


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Guess Who’s Got a Personal Trainer?

Like we need more sweat!

Wondering what’s been up with the trapped Chilean miners? Well, they have just been assigned a personal trainer. The 33 men will begin their hour long exercise regime today, woohoo. The trainer  will appear via closed circuit TV. Hmm, zumba might be fun!

Psst So lets get this straight, they have been rationed to 40 cigs a day, no alcohol and now exercise. Welcome to Chile’s biggest losers!


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All Systems Are Go

OK loons, guess what? They have just started to dig out the 33 Chilean miners.I’ll have an update in 4 months or so.


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Meet The Flintstones

I hate my job!

You know what’s worse than been stuck down  a friggin hole with 32 other smelly, near naked depressed Chilean miners for 4 months? Having to friggin clear the friggin tons of rocks that are gonna be falling down the rescue hole. Hell, I’d be wanting overtime. If the miners fail to remove the rocks as they fall, the hole will fill up and they’ll be lucky to see light of day before Christmas. No worries, it’s only about 4,000 tonnes of rubble.


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