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Chilli Powder Fiend

Sydney parents are being warned to keep an eye out for a man who is attacking toddlers in prams by rubbing chilli powder in their faces. Hmm, suppose it’s better than tasering them ! So far two children aged 18 months and two years have been targeted. The man simply walks up to them while they are in their prams and rubs it in. Each time he has managed to escape before police have arrived. Geez, I hope he forgets to wash it off his hands when he goes to take a leak!

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Don’t Eat Chili and Drive

OMG, Eric Gremm, a lumber truck driver, claims the reason he accidentally drove his truck into a Massachusetts home was because…wait for it…he choked on chili from Wendy’s and was knocked unconscious. Geez mister, are you suppose to eat while  driving? Mr Gremm said he began choking after he drove over a bump and the chili got caught in his throat . Brilliant.


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