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The Woes of Buying A Puppy At A Pet Store

A Chinese woman was so happy when she brought home a beautiful fluffy white Japanese Spitz puppy from a local pet store. She loved the little pooch but became worried that the dogs in the park were always scared of it. Then, when the puppy was three months old it stopped eating dog food, its nose became pointy and its tail grew very long. People began telling her pooch wasn’t a Japanese Spitz. In desperation, she took her dog to the local zoo and they identified her dog as a white fox. Sleep with one eye open, lady!


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What a Crack Up

I don’t know who came up with this idea but pure evil genius. A sneaky little LED light effect makes it look like the walkway is cracking beneath the feet of unsuspecting Chinese tourists.


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What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Oh bless, China is building a laser so friggin powerful it could rip a hole in space. Take that aliens! The laser will be able to produce 10,000 times the power of the entire world’s electrical grids. Which means it will be the mother of all lasers.


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Internal Road Rage

A Chinses man who was losing his mind over bad road signage decided to grab a tin of paint and make a few adjustments to speed up the moring traffic chaos. Not sure if his adjustments helped because the frustrated dude got arrested and fined for his troubles.

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Worth a Try

You have a $3.7 million dollar debt you don’t want to pay…what do you do? Well, if you are a 59 year old Chinese woman from Wuhan you pay a plastic surgeon to alter your appearance, that’s what! Oh and you can add that to your debt. The woman used a credit card to pay for it. Unfortunately looking 30 years younger and brandishing fake ID didn’t help her one little bit. Since the government released more credit , consumers they have been cha chinging away and racking up huge household debt . This can’t be good!

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Rain On Your Parade

You have a brilliant start up idea. You get investors to fork out nearly $2 million. You launch in April. Within two months you have it rolled out to 11 major cities in China. What could possibly go wrong? Well, if you have a Chinese umbrella sharing rental business and it buckets down for days, don’t expect them returned anytime soon. Yep, after a fortnight 300,000 umbrellas were stolen. The big flaw in their E Umbrella idea…..they didn’t include a charge fee for failure to return the umbrellas. Back to the drawing board.

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Irony Alert

Remember the exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery recall ? You know, the one where the phones randomly kaboomed . Hmm, well, seems one of the Chinese plants, where they were made, has burst into flames. Samsung is denying it was caused by their new line of batteries despite the fire department posting this clanger “material that caught fire was lithium batteries inside the production workshops and some half-finished products,” 110 firefighters were sent to fight the blaze. Awks.

PSST The irony alert is this still won’t deter me from getting the Galaxy S8


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Disappearing Act Fail

Need I explain?


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Lets not lie, how many of you are tsking?


China, sewer grill, leg trapped, firefighters, grinders, public humiliation, buckets of shame…you can fill in the blanks.

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Holy Matrimony, Batman

There are numerous things you can do with a wedding ring but slipping it on your penis is not one of them. Just ask the Chinese dude who had his stuck for two days. The pain became so unbearable he had no choice but to ring firefighters. It took 90 minutes and a bucket of humiliation before the gold band was cut off. Unfortunately for him, footage of the incident has been making its rounds on social media.

PSST I know what you are thinking Loons but I’m guessing hoping the ring was a man’s extra large.

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