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A Very Happy ENDING!

Here’s a story to warm the cockles of your heart. A man in China has finally been given an artificial anus after 55 years of squeezing his stools out of a 0.5 cm surgical hole near his urethra. Wu, a farmer, who was born without an anus had to spend his whole life being careful of what he ate to avoid constipation! Ewh, ouch!   Recently, after his financial situation improved, he sort medical help and three days later he was shitting like there was no tomorrow.


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Hope Floats

Good luck with that!

Good luck with that!

Bored much?  Chinese farmer Tao Xiangli from Beijing has built himself a 6.5 long working submarine. It took him 18 months to complete and on his maiden voyage he managed to stay down at the bottom of his local river for 5 minutes.What makes his feat even more bizarre is, he only had a primary school education and didn’t seek any expert advice on building it. He found most of the parts at flea markets, with the body made out of oil drums and the periscope from an old camera. Hmm, you never know Russia may want to have a chat with you!

Psst I guess the big test is taking it out into the open sea!


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