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Roadkill Anyone?

OMG, a Chinese restaurant in Kentucky has been shut down after a health inspector discovered roadkill in the kitchen. The dead deer had been wheeled through the eating area  earlier and was spied by a horrified customer who saw its leg sticking out of a garbage bag. The owner’s son later fessed he found the dead animal on the side of the road but said he had planned to serve it to his family not his customers.


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Jesus Goes Out For Chinese Takeaway

The dude is back and this time he has been spotted outside the Mayho Chinese Takeaway in Massachusetts. Not sure if he was after an eggroll or whether he was checking out St Luke’s Church across the road.


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911 Fail

OK, honey, sweetie, darl, one more time, 911 can not help you with your Chinese restaurant order. No not even if the restaurant has  messed up your friggin order. Sheez!


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Business Is Business

Never stand between a China man and a restaurant bill. A customer,  who had a seizure at the Shifu Dumpling Express in Acland St, St Kilda,  and his friend were handed the bill as the ill man was being loaded into an ambulance. Hello, someone had to foot the bill! In response the owner said “My opinion is that they ate in our restaurant, they have to pay”. Hmm, evidently the bill wasn’t even $30.


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