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Chinese Tourists Explained

chinese-touristsNaw bless. It seems peeved British tour guides are behind the sudden influx of Chinese tourists to a small village in Kidlington. Residents have been bemused/mortified as bus loads of Chinese sightseers have descended into their quiet suburban streets taking snaps. Some enthusiastic Chinese tourists have been knocking on local’s doors asking for selfies, others bouncing on trampolines, one even offered to mow the lawn. Originally the phenomenon was blamed on the Chinese wanting to experience the “true” England. But no. Then it was reported that naughty tour guides were telling them that the village was the location for Harry Potter, Midsomer Murders and Inspector Morse. But now it has been revealed that the mobs have been dumped there because they don’t want to pay the jacked up prices offered by the tour guides to visit Winston Churchill’s home. Seems the crafty Chinese discovered they could buy cheaper tickets so they were opting out of the tour and then sneaking off on foot to visit. So the tour guides have been dropping them off at Kidlington because it is far enough away that they can’t walk there.

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Lucky He Didn’t Sing “I Think I’m Turning Japanese”

Oh my, a pub singer  was arrested after he was accused of being racist. Evidently two Chinese tourists took offence to Simon Ledger singing the 1970’s classic “Kung Fu Fighting” as they walked past the Isle of Wight  pub. The police later arrested Ledger as he was having a meal at a Chinese restaurant (ironic!). The Chinese man had contacted police earlier claiming he was a victim of racial abuse leaving the them no option but to arrest the singer.

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