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Could I Have Grass With That?

OMG, imagine if you could eat salt and vinegar potato chips all day long and not gain weight. Well loons, it seems scientists have discovered a grass downunder that tastes exactly like salt and vinegar chips. Kid you not. The spinifex type grass is  currently been used by Queensland  farms to manufacture the world’s strongest and thinnest condoms. Umm so guys why didn’t they notice,  didn’t anyone lick their fingers….oh wait never mind. If only they could find grass that tastes like bacon I’d be so vegan.


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Oceans 0


OK loons, and I thought the dumbass of the year award had already been won! A man wearing a motorcycle helmet walks into a casino in Las Vegas and  proceeds to a craps table where he pulls out a gun and loads his backpack with over $1.5 million worth of chips before running out and jumping onto a motorcycle for his great escape. Only Prob, the dude now has $1.5 million worth of jack shit. All gambling chips are unique to each casino and he will have pretty much Buckley’s of redeeming them. Oh and if that wasn’t dumbass enough, evidently most chips in Vegas have radio frequency ID in them.  Rob a friggin bank for goodness sakes!


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Vermin in Aisle 6

Sheez, I gotta cut down, none of my clothes fit!

OK, no need to panic Tesco shoppers in Birmingham, but the next time you buy McCoy’s variety pack of chips you might want to put your ear up to it first and check for sounds of vermin. A mice invasion left shoppers screaming in fear as about 6 pink mice burst out of a bag of crisps.  Seems the store is plagued by mice who are no longer happy with the accommodation at the nearby canal and railway track. So desperate to pig out on snacks the creatures came up through the floor and headed straight to aisle 6 .


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