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Chloroform Boobs Latest Weapon

Too easy!

Too easy!

Warning to all men in Uganda, don’t go sniffing around woman’s chests if you can help it, you may be in for a big surprise, a booby trap!. A gang of robbers have found a neat way to clean out visiting businessmen wallets, chloroform coated women.The gang uses big breasted accomplices planted in popular bars and nightclubs to find cashed up victims and then well you know, get them believing they are in for a good time. Before they know it they are naked and lying in a gutter somewhere, stripped of their money and their dignity.
Juliana Mukasa is just one of the women thieves who has been robbing and humiliating men in Uganda for years. Fred Enanga spokesman for Criminal Investigations Directorate said “You find the person stripped totally naked and everything is taken from him,”. There is a sort of “serves yourself right” element to this story.

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