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Of All The Low Down Sneaky Tricks

No I don't have Swine Flu, just a sniffle

No I don’t have Swine Flu, just a sniffle

Run everyone, a group of angry Malaysian Muslims are demanding a Jihad on the Cadbury company. Seems Cadbury Dairy Milk hazelnut and Cadbury Dairy Milk roast almond contain traces of pig DNA. A spokesman for the group said “They have betrayed us Muslims by putting ‘haram’ elements through the foods we consume in our body, to weaken us Muslims,”. Ironic, considering the chocolate in question is made in their Malaysian factory. Sheez, if us Westerners declared a Jihad everytime a hoof was found in our …oh never mind


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Yummy Wild Turkey

Whoopsie, a mom accidentally filled pre-schooler’s Valentine boxes  with alcohol filled chocolates.  Hmm, happy snowflakes.


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Viagra Hot Chocolate

Honey, what was in the hot chocolate?

Honey, what was in the hot chocolate?

Move over whisky we have a new stiff drink in town? Introducing Viagra hot chocolate. This turbo charged sweet treat will make you a hit with the ladies. Chocolate giant Barry Callebaut, has developed a way to create concentrated levels of flavanols, a chemical that will get the blood flowing to you know where….The chemical is found in the cocoa bean but is usually removed during the chocolate making process. Hmm, nothing like an obese sex machine!!!!


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Chocolate Has Been Around Before Christ

Who took my soft centers??????

OK, we might have to whisper because the Wombies may hear this, but a 2500 year old chocolate has been found in Mexico. I said shhhhh. Evidently this is the first time  a piece of chocolate has been unearthed  in a pre-Hispanic site. Archeologists have only previously found traces of cacao beans in beverages not solid foods, suggesting that someone didn’t finish eating their chocolate!!!!!


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Happy Mother’s Day

Oh dear, someone with a wicked sense of humor is in  big trouble after several women complained about being given x-rated chocolates at a school Mother’s Day function at a Hunter Valley school. The “gift bags” were handed out to mothers and grandmothers at a P&C public school function. The see through bags contained chocolates that were shaped like penises, butts and breasts, with some even depicting couples having sex.  The school says the chocolates were left over from last year’s event that had been held at a adults-only girls’ night venue and had been distributed by other parents not them. One women said her grandson handed her a bag and told her  ‘You’ve got a willy in there Nanny’.

Psst Sheez, I would be complaining more about getting last year’s chocolate!!!

Want sauce with that?


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