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Chooka Parker Update

OK Loons, if you step back in time to 2011, I wrote a post about a young musical prodigy named Chooka Parker. He had this amazing ability to make up classical music on the spot and was , at the time, a contestant on Australia’s Got Talent. I must admit I wasn’t too kind . Anywho, that post continues to attract fans (and some angst against me LOL) so I thought I would give an update on Chooka. He has his own YouTube channel where you can listen to his music…. this one is my favourite.



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Chooka Parker

OK, last night I decided to watch Chooka Parker on Australia’s Got Talent because everyone keeps raving about the 17 year old self taught pianist prodigy who makes up classical music compositions on the spot. Yep, the country bumpkin  has grown up without TV, a computer, mobile phone or Facebook yet has managed to teach himself to play classical music. Hmm, strange thing is, though he can read music, he never plays anyone else’s pieces . He told producers of the show there was no need for him to practice because he just makes it up and never plays the same thing twice. See what you think loons.Hmm, to me it sounded like someone who could play classical music but was making up crap on the spot but then again what would I know about classical genius prodigy shite!


Chooka Parker has a fantastic YouTube channel. Check out his new stuff. Move over classical ……..



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