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Touchy Subject

Tsk, tsk, tsk, sometimes it is better to let sleeping dogs lie. Chris Brown had a mini rampage at the studios of Good Morning America after he was quizzed about his assault on his ex girlfriend Rihanna during an interview. Seems a dressing room window got the brunt of his rage after he threw a chair at it. He also ripped off his shirt before letting rip at a producer. The hissy fit was  the end result of a persistent Robin Roberts continually referring back to the Rihanna incident during the interview, despite him looking decidedly uncomfortable. Bad form all around.

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Saga of a Psycho Continues

Raoul Moat

Fugitive killer and all around bad guy Raoul Moat is still on the loose in the UK since the tragic weekend shooting. The ginger haired,  steroid loving, cop hating,  bodybuilding, man mountain is thought to be surviving out in the woods of Northumberland after shooting ex girlfriend Samantha Stobbart, shooting and killing her new boyfriend Chris Brown and then gunning down policeman David Rathband. Over 40 specialist officers, SAS and snipers are in the area armed with Hecklers, Koch G36 assault rifles, tasers and 20 armoured cars (supplied by Northern Ireland) in an attempt to capture Britain’s most wanted man. WTF,is he Rambo? Ah, no, that’s right, he shot a cop, silly me! Mr Moat is believed to really, really, really hate cops and has threatened to kill as many as he can before going down in a blaze of glory. Hmm, me thinks this is not going to end well.

Psst Northumbria Police are  under fire for failing to heed warnings after being informed by the Durham prison that Moat had threatened to hurt Ms Stobbart the day before his rampage.

UPDATE Moat is dead.  It is unclear yet whether he shot himself  or was killed by police fire after a shoot out.


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