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Cow bro

A wayward calf got chauffeur driven to the Christchurch jail cell by police after he was found wandering the streets. After spending the night in jail, being hand fed milk, he was handed over to animal control for rehoming.


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Nation Mourns Christchurch Earthquake

Mother nature has not been kind in recent months and today a nation mourned the loss of over 180 souls taken too soon. Prince William, who uncannily looked like his mother in body language and genuine warmth, attended the Christchurch Earthquake Memorial but I think the highlight would have to be Christchurch  born and bred Haley Westernra, who performed an  impromptu Pokarekare Ana at the end of the service. Unfrigginbelievable.

Psst Her impromptu Pokarekare Ana, hasn’t surfaced on Youtube yet but Amazing Grace did …

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The Price Of Mother Nature

Oh my, seems China are none too happy about losing citizens in the recent Christchurch earthquake and are demanding New Zealand fork out additional compensation to the Chinese families who lost children. Reason? That one child policy. By law Chinese couples are only allowed to have one child and if that child dies, there goes their financial assistance in  old age. With this in mind, the Chinese government are hoping the New Zealand government will pay additional comp to the families. Hmm, good luck with that. Isn’t that what life insurance is for?


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Another Earthquake Predicted For Christchurch

Forget Paul the octopus or Hiedi the cross-eyed opussum, New Zealand has it’s own prediction expert and he’s friggin scary. The dude’s name is Ken Ring, a mathematician and weatherman who correctly  predicted the big shaker in Christchurch last month. Well anywho, he’s predicted another earthquake to hit the fair city in 2 weeks (20th March). EVERYBODY RUN!!!!! Evidently he uses the moon, sun and tidal activities to scare the shit out of people. Terrified residents are telling him to stop sending fear into the already vulnerable community but he says “If I lived in Christchurch, I’d get out for a few days over that time, go camping, visit friends, just get out and keep safe,”. Watch this space!


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This Rocks

Rocky, the 30 tonne boulder that landed in Phil Johnson’s living room during the Christchurch earthquake is up for grabs. Yes, the pristine rock, which rolled down a hill and landed in his house,  is currently on Trade Me.  Mr Johnson says it  could be used as a garden feature or a “magnificent addition to your living area”. All proceeds to the sale of “Rocky” will be going towards the Christchurch earthquake appeal.

Psst Oh I forgot, there’s one catch, you have to remove the boulder yourself.

Want to bid click here Trademe.co.nz .


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Say Goodbye to Christchurch

The bad news just keeps coming for Christchurch. It is feared half of all the buildings in the city’s CBD may have to be demolished  due to structural damage following the big earthquake. Once all the bodies have been retrieved from under the rubble demolish crews will move in and begin pulling them down. In the burbs 1 in every 6 homes have been marked for demolition too. Hmm, on the bright side, how many places can boast getting a brand spanking new city?



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Beached Whale Christchurch Appeal

Beached Whale wants  us all to give our bru’s in Christchurch a hand …..

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Christchurch Earthquake Leaves A City Devastated

Breaking News – Another earthquake has shaken Christchurch in New Zealand. The 6.3 magnitude hit at around 1pm causing severe damage. There are reports that there are multiple fatalities with many trapped under collapsed buildings. Two buses are believed to have been crushed and aftershocks are making it difficult for rescue workers to get to the trapped. The city has run out of ambulances and other cities are currently clearing hospitals to accommodate the injured. Thoughts and prays go out to all in Christchurch.

UPDATE : 65 people confirmed dead and rising.

Psst If you have family and friends in the area, the government has requested you  TEXT not ring them. Over 80% of telecommunications are down.


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Christchurch Earthquake

You know what I friggin hate? When a 7.0 magnitude earthquake hits Christchurch and you are told not to flush your toilet. I really friggin hate that. Authorities are currently trying to restore electricity, water and sewerage to the devastated New Zealand city. Emergency services have pulled out 10 people from holes created by the quake. The New Zealand Prime Minister has declared a state of emergency with fears that power cuts will prevent the dairy industry from milking their cows this afternoon.


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Lordie, lordie, lordie, it’s bad enough having a swastika on your butt, but having it scratched on with a screwdriver, yikes. Briana Rose Murray was jailed for over a year for her part in what has been described as a racially motivated attack. Briana and two members of the Christchurch skinheads were knocking a few back when they decided to pick on some poor dude. In typically skinhead fashion they stomped on the 23 year old’s head until he was unconscious, pulled down his pants and began their handy work. When the man regained consciousness he not only discovered his pants were still down but he now had a friggin swastika carved on his arse.


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