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Jogger Locked In A Public Toilet


How much do you think being locked in a public toilet for 17 hours is worth? Well, if it’s in London around about $756. A jogger who spent Christmas Eve  in the Dulwich Park men’s public toilets, after an attendant accidentally locked him in, was awarded the piddly compensation by Southwark Council. Evidently the CCTV footage shows the unnamed man wrapped in a garbage bag under the hand dryers trying to keep warm. It wasn’t until the following afternoon he was finally freed.

Psst Hmm, now had a plastic mannequin head fallen on his toes as well…I’m just saying!


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Pope Is Pushed

Oh for goodness sakes people, don’t be knocking down the Pope, he’s friggin 82. Hips people, hips! Pope Benedict XVI was attending Christmas Eve Mass when some crazy lady (aka Susanna Maiolo) jumped the barriers, ran up to him then pushed him over. It didn’t take long for Pope Benedict to bounced back up and continue on his way to the main alter. Geez, I bet he’ll have some nasty bruises. Oh and the woman in her frenzy also shoved Cardinal Roger Etchegaray to the ground and he was taken to hospital. By the time the Pope started mass he had composed himself.


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