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Best Christmas Lights EVER!!!!

An Aussie dude has created the best Christmas lights display, synced to AC/DC Thunderstruck … and some other dude in the US too.

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Honey, Where Are The Christmas Lights?

My bad?

My bad?

Bad boy. Some silly mutt in England swallowed a foot long string of Christmas fairy lights. How did the owner know? Evidently wires were sticking out of his butt. The dog was rushed to the vet and the lights removed. Merry friggin vet bill. Ho, ho,ho.


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Make That 8 Santa Reindeers

It all got too much for Rudolph …

Reindeer fail


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It’s The Season To Be Jolly

A woman in Denham Springs decided that Christmas time was the perfect time to get back at her neighbor. So up she went on her roof and deliberately layed out her Christmas lights to look like a hand flipping the bird. Fa Lalalala Lala La La ….


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Friggin Squirrels

Check this out guys, a glowing nut!

Seems the town of Fredericton in New Jersey is under siege by Christmas light eating squirrels. Yes, that’s right, the grey squirrels have developed a taste for the plastic Christmas bulbs…oh except the red ones, they don’t like the red ones.The town has tried all sorts of deterents but the little buggers continue to eat them, LED lights and all. Despite most town folk raising the white flag, one determined soul is replacing all the eaten bulbs with red ones. Grey Squirrels 1, Fredericton 0.


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