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Happy New Year

Well, here is a scam for someone who has no shame. A woman nonchantly walked into Costco on January the 4th with her “dead” Christmas tree and asked for a full refund. Her reasoning? It’s now dead. Despite staff being somewhat dumbfounded they still had to hand her back the money. I’m guessing this maybe the end of stores selling live Christmas trees.


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It’s The Season

christmas tree 3Um, yeah about that tinsel. Step away from that Christmas tree….repeat…step away from that Christmas tree. A family in Australia got quite the WTF when they realised that the tinsel was moving on their Christmas Tree. Turns out it wasn’t a possessed decoration at all,  but a deadly tiger snake. Is nowhere safe?


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Drinks Are On The Tree

Stop right there Carlsberg, you are killing me here. The brewing company have erected a 27ft Christmas tree that….wait for it…. dispenses beer. Hallelujah. Candle lit beer bottles, glass balls for cups and a large hop replacing the star on top of the tree make for a very , very merry Christmas.



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Jingle Hell

On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me, a nasty little snake in a Christmas tree. What the? The Meridian family got a nice little surprise when they discovered a snake had made its home in their Christmas tree.


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It’s The Season To Be Jolly


Bah friggin humbug, a German hippie has had his 6ft Christmas tree confiscated. Reason? It was a decorated marijuana plant. The old hippie had it in his living room decorated with a string of lights and was planning to place presents under it until the police ruined it all. Meanwhile German police arrested another man who was busted with a homemade Advent calendar with weed behind each door instead of chocolate. Both are facing drug charges. Falalalala la la la la.


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It Isn’t A Friggin Christmas Tree!

OK, a little message to the person who cut down the tree at the Washington Park Arboretum  so they could whack it in their living room and decorate it for Christmas. It was a friggin rare Chinese keteleeria tree worth around $10,500, you fool!


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Fake Christmas Tree Gets The Chop

Geez, make up your friggin mind!

Remember a few weeks back how I wrote about how the town of Poole replaced their traditional fir tree with a new fake £14,000 Christmas tree that looked like a friggin traffic cone.  Well, blow me down with a feather, if some buggers haven’t vandalize it, tearing chunks of astro turf off its’ frame. It’s now in for repairs and guess what? They are putting up a traditional fir tree in it’s place.Hark the Herald angels sing people! Hmm, so I guess the 4,000 residents who joined the “We don’t care about health and safety, Poole needs a proper Christmas tree.” Facebook group will be well pleased.No word on if or when the evil fake tree will  return!


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