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Christmas Cat Commercial

You know the festive season wouldn’t be complete without the best Christmas Cat commercials …am I right Loons, am I right?

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I’m So Sorry Max


Max 2014


Max 2015

Christmas Max


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Ho Ho Ho

Hold the reindeer Santa, the worst job in the world just became available…. a “Christmas Light Untangler”. Go Tesco, they just posted a part time position for some fool to untangle customers Chrissy lights. The successful applicant must be able to untangle 10 feet in 3 minutes …oh and ” be passionate about Christmas” (insert eye roll).  Dear god, does it cover stress leave?


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It’s the Season To Regift , Fa Lalalala Lalalala

Woohoo Loons, you only have four days to Christmas, you better get your regifts ready.  Make sure you don’t leave any tell tale signs.

Here’s a idea for those stumped at what to regift ..

crazy cat



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Happy Christmas From Claudius Too



December 19, 2014 · 7:17 am

Take Note Qantas!!!

Sheez, why couldn’t Qantas be as nice? A Canadian airline (WestJet) surprised a plane full of passengers by handing out presents at the end of their flight. Hmm, but not just any old presents, they set up a virtual Santa at the check-in counter and asked every person on the flight what they wanted for Christmas and guess what? The WestJet staffed raced off and bought everything on the list and wrapped them all up before the plane landed . Hmm, too bad about the passengers on the next flight …losers.


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Turn Your Cat Into A Unicorn

Claudius and Maximus are going to love what I got them  for Christmas …



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