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It Was Probably the Acetone

Let this be a warning to others, do not light a cigarette while using nail polish remover. A Kalamazoo woman is in hosiptal with serious burns and her house is now a charred shell after she “flipped her light” and the house exploded.


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Dirty Rat

A pet rat in the UK set his friggin cage on fire after he nicked a smoldering cigarette from his owner’s ashtray and took it to bed. The rat called No Name has a habit of stealing things and putting it in his cage, which probably accounts for all the empty beer cans and litter he has accumulated. Luckily the fire only caused minor damage to the house but the owner, Nelly Banks,says No Name will be in the doghouse for some time.


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My McHappy Meal Is Smokin!

Can I have a cigarette with my McHappy meal thanks! Nicky Holloway was horrified when she found an unused ciggie at the bottom of her Maccas box (hmm, could be worse). The culprit seems to be a staff member who was serving her. Despite offers of compensation Ms Holloway plans to sue.


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Kicking Back With Jesus

Oh dear, authorities in a Christian area of India were appalled to discover in one of their school text books an image of  Jesus Christ holding a cigarette and a can of beer. The primary school textbook which teaches cursive handwriting had under the letter “I” for idol, a picture of Jesus indulging in a beer and a cig. Authorities have now seized all the offending books in the Meghalaya state.


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Let This Be A Warning To You All

A man from Antequera has died after lighting up a cigarette, something you should never do after using rubbing alcohol. The man was engulfed in flames as he walked down the street and lit his smoke, having just used the rubbing alcohol to relieve his aches and pains. Intially police thought he had intentionally set himself alight but further investigation revealed he had just purchased the pain remedy from a local store.


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