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Fairytale Fail

A cow who realised he was heading to the Cincinnati slaughterhouse decided to make a run for for freedom. He took off down the main drag with the golden arches in his sights. He was nearly at McDonalds when he was shot down in a hail of bullets. Oh well, no Big Mac and fries for him.


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Bearman, Have You Heard?

WWE Stage Catches Fire in Cincinnati . Hmm, I hope this doesn’t ruin your plans Bearman?

UPDATE No fear, it was just a little charring.


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That Ain’t No Picnic

A Cincinnati man was arrested last week for masturbating in public with a teddy bear. This is the 4th time he has been caught engaging in public indecency and disorderly conduct with a teddy . No word on if it was the same teddy in each case. I think we might just leave it at that! Awkward! Hmm, know anything about this Bearman …. Duncan wants to know?

Want sauce with that?


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Worst Neighborhoods in the US

OK loons, here’s a list of  neighborhoods you pray to hell you don’t ever breakdown in.

The  ten most dangerous US neighborhoods

10. Church Hill in Richmond, Virginia
9.  Route 352/Scyene Rd, Dallas , Texas
8.  Forest Ave./41st St, Kansas City, Moussouri
7.  Warford St./Mount Olive Rd, Memphis, Tennessee
6.  Bales Ave./30th St, Kansas City, Moussouri
5.  North Ave./Belair Rd, Baltimore,
4.  Beaver St./Broad St, Jacksonville, Florida
3.  7th Ave./North River Dr, Miami, Florida
2.  State St./Garfield Blvd, Chicago, Illinois

and drum roll please, the most dangerous neighborhood in the US is

1. Central Pky./Liberty St, Cincinnati, Ohio …. where the chances of becoming a victim this year are 1 in 4 . Sleep with one eye open Bearman!!!!


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Does A Bear Scratch in Cincinnati

Hmm, according to some friggin exterminator survey the US city most infested with bedbugs  is …..close your eyes Bearman…Cincinnati.  Itch much?

Psst Don’t forget to check out Bearman’s Charity Challenge. No silly, it’s not to raise money for a new mattress for Bearman (let him itch), its for people in need! Ca-ching, another 10 buckaroos thanks Bearman!!!

Wants sauce with that? Blahaha, note how the news article doesn’t even bother to use Cincinnati in it’s headline!


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Family Sue School Over Offensive Tee

Dad doesn't hate anyone

Oh for crying out loud, a family is suing a school in Cincinnati for $1 million after they banned their daughter from wearing a t-shirt at high school proclaiming “god hates whores” and “repent or burn in hell”. Orlando Bethel and his wife Glynis are serial suers and have an extensive history of taking legal action against schools. Yes loons, papa is a brimstone and fire preacher like our good friend Fred Phelps. They are claiming their freedom of speech and religious rights have been violated.

Want sauce with that?


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Man Charged With Teasing K9

Hands up who knew it was a crime to bark at a police dog? Well evidently it is in Ohio because Ryan James Stephens was charged with teasing a police dog after he stirred up the K9. Hmm, seems whilst Officer Bradley Walker was off investigating a car crash outside a pub Mr Stephens went up to the patrol car and began making barking noises and hissing sounds at the pooch who inevitably went ape shit. Mr Stephens who was pretty much pissed told Officer Walker the dog “started it”.

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Dog Day Afternoon



Stop me if I am wrong here, but aren’t chihuahuas one of the smallest breed of dog in the world? Hmm, so when a chihuahua attacks a policeman does he A) taser it B) shoot it 3 times or c) leave it alone. OK if you chose A) and B) you are correct. Police admit they tasered and then shot the chihuahua, Jack, after they cornered him on a property in Cincinnati.Reason? It wouldn’t stop biting one of the  policemen. When Scott and Sharon Bullock arrived home from a funeral they noticed blood and three bullets on their porch but no pooch! It was only after they rang police did they discover the carnage that had happened outside their family home.You would have thought tasering the little mite would have just about done the job…why 3 bullets? Hmm, maybe they were embarrassed to call for back up?

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