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Mommy, That Isn’t Marty the Zebra

OK, I really shouldn’t laugh but a cinema in the US accidentally mixed up Madagascar 3 with Paranormal Activity 4 , resulting in pack of screaming snowflakes and their parents running for their lives. As luck would have it the most terrifying scene of the movie is right at the beginning, when a body flies straight at the camera. Well, that would have certainly made them spill their slushies and popcorn. Good luck getting those kiddies to sleep EVER!!!

Psst No word on how many horror fans were scarred watching Madagascar 3!!!!


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Snacks Cost More Than the Movie

Deep down we all wish could take Cinemas to court for charging ridiculously absurd prices for their snacks. Well, some dude in the US did but instead of winning his lawsuit he was told by a judge to buy a subscription to Netflix and stop wasting my time.


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End Credits

OK loons, casts your minds back to last year when a lawyer shot dead a man who was munching his popcorn too loudly during the screening of Black Swan in a Latvian cinema. Yeah, well, he got himself 17 years behind bars. Seems the jury didn’t buy Nikolajs Zikovs’ whole argument that he shot the unarmed man in front of his young daughter in self defense. Tough crowd!  It also didn’t help his case that the incident occurred as the final credits were rolling.


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The Movie Had It All, Action, Thriller, Drama, Suspence

You talking to me?

OK, here’s the thing movie goers in Latvia, never tell a loud popcorn munching man to shut the hell up while watching Black Swan, because that’s a shooting. The 27 year old graduate of the police academy, who holds a doctorate in law from the University of Latvia, waited until the end of the movie (considerate) before opening fire on the man who had complained about his eating habits.

Psst Yes, the man died.


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You Can’t Ban The Friggin Tron Guy!!!

Oh for crying out loud, a cinema in Minnesota is banning the Tron guy (aka Jay Maynard) from viewing the new 3D Tron movie in his famous costume. Damn you to hell, the dude’s a friggin legend….plus he commented right here on the Friggin Loon way back in 2009 when I pulled the piss on him.

It ain't THAT bad!!!


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You’re Just A Piece of Meat

The last thing you expect when you go to the movies is to have a friggin meat thermometer stabbed in your neck. Best way to avoid this is don’t ask a female to turn her cell phone off,especially if she is with two black males in an orange jersey and a black hoodie. The unfortunate man was attacked by the woman’s boyfriend after he asked her to stop talking on the phone and turn it off while the damn movie was showing. That obviously didn’t go down very well, considering he is still recovering in hospital. The two suspects and the woman fled the scene and have yet to be caught.

Psst Who brings a frigggin meat thermometer to the movies?


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