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Male MP’s Told To Get Circumcised

Not a good time to be a Zimbabwe politician. Seems all the men in parliament and on councils have been asked to undergo circumcision as part of a campaign to prevent the spread of HIV. Oooh ouch. Someone has been telling them it will reduce the spread of  AIDS and they should lead by example and have their foreskin chopped off. Hmm, maybe they just shouldn’t have unprotected sex?


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You Did What?

Oh, he won't mind!

Oh for crying out loud,  Phillip Seaton went to the Jewish Hospital in Louisville to have a routine circumcision and the doctor friggin amputated the whole thing. What? Hmm yep, seems the urologist found a cancerous growth on the penis so decided to remove the entire organ to stop the cancer spreading without Mr Seaton’s permission. To make matters worse the cancer was a stage one and was treatable. Yep, that’s a lawsuit right there.

Want sauce with that?


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Bali Nine Prisoner Gets Circumcised

Scott Rush, one of the Bali Nine on death row for trafficking heroin, has been circumcised in the Kerobokan jail . The jail’s doctor and officials were unaware that such a procedure had taken place and by someone who wasn’t authorized. Ewh ouch, no anesthetic! The jail’s doc Agung Hartawan said luckily it was a good job and didn’t bleed much (hmm, maybe the roaches licked it clean!) . It is still unclear what the true motives of the circumcision  but Rush did tell the doctor “This is my right and I just want to know about Islam, I want to learn about Islam.”


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Sounds a Likely Story

Well alrighty then. A pilot, who was arrested on Australia day for taking photos of a naked 3 year old boy being changed by his parents, told the court all he was trying to do was prove a point to his wife. Glenn Anthony Armstrong said he was obsessed with circumcision and  wanted to prove to her more boys were uncircumcised than circumcised. Hmm, so that will explain why there were 10 photos (50 originally reported ) of naked boys allegedly found on his camera then!

Psst Hmm, so now he has proven it to the wife, all he has to do is explain it to his kids!

UPDATE Mr Armstrong pleaded guilty to breach of privacy and was placed on a three year good behavior bond and given a $5,000 fine. Lawyers for the pilot argued Mr Armstrong has a psychological disorder  which makes him obsessed with circumcision but which is not of a sexual nature.


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DIY Trim

Man circumcises himself using nail clippersOK, I haven’t been down this road for a few weeks but a man from Stevenage in the UK is in hospital after attempting a do-it-yourself circumcision with nail clippers. Oh dear god, what was he thinking? Gosh, I hope he sterilized them first, nothing worse than toe jam to infect a wound. He is expected to make a full well a recovery!


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