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And You Thought YOU Were Having A Bad Day



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I’m Not Lion

Feet up people in Essex, seems there is a friggin lion on the loose. Yes, you heard me LION! Witnesses say they saw the beast roaming the area and the thing even roared. One petrified person sprinted passed a group of people screaming “It’s a f**king lion”. All zoos say their lions are accounted for so police are now trying to locate circuses. So loons, if you see a big tan cat with a mane near the village of St Osyth, please don’t pat it.

Psst Maybe he’s a TOWIE fan…hmm, or maybe NOT?

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PETA Have Released A Fur Friendly Coat

Eco friendly friggin ferret coat anyone?

Psst Reminds me of a joke… A animal rights heckler yells at a woman wearing a fur coat “Hey lady, do you know how many animals died to make that coat?”

Her reply ” Hey mister, you know how many animals I had to sleep with to get it?”


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