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Cat Piss City

Noooo, I need my pasties

Noooo, it’s not me

Welcome to New Castle, Pennsylvania where the whole entire city smells of cat piss. Yes you heard me , cat piss. So far no one has a clue where the stench is coming from but residents aren’t happy. The authorities think it maybe coming from waste water or a herd of angry c,ats.

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German City Evacuated After Discovery of Two WWII Bombs

The sins of the past continue to haunt Germany with two large unexploded World War II bombs being discovered in a river in the city of Koblenz. The discovery forced 50,000 residents to be evacuated, including people from 7 nursing homes, 2 hospitals and inmates from a prison. The bombs, one a 1.8 tonne British device and the other a 125kg American device had been lying in the river for 60 odd years waiting to go kaboom. The bombs were discovered when the water level dropped due to drought conditions. So far 28  bombs have been discovered since 1999. Last year three bomb experts died trying to defuse a bomb in Lower Saxony and another three people were killed when a 500kg bomb exploded during construction of a sports stadium. Evidently around 1 in 10 bombs dropped in Germany during World War II didn’t explode.

Psst Why haven’t the German waterways been swept for unexploded bombs?


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Urban Chickening

It's hard to open the fridge to get a beer!

Oh my, Robert McMinn and Jules Corkery have probably got high cholesterol and the stinkiest apartment in Queens after they decided to raise three chickens in their one bedroom apartment. Yep, it’s part of an urban organic food movement. The couple get about 6 eggs a week from their hens. It is suspected hundreds of people are raising chickens in the city. Hmm, you can probably tell from the scratch marks on their sofas.

Psst My chicken Gretel, stopped laying after watching Jerry Springer!


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Hello, Hello, This Is An Emergency

Sorry Fort Lauderdale, but there won’t be any dispatching of emergency calls until someone coughs up the $5.7 million to run the whole damn 911 show. The county and the city are at loggerheads over who’s going to foot the bill for annual running costs. The county told city officials last year they must start paying but the City didn’t budget for it and say it’s the county’s job.

Psst Who’s going to cough up when people start suing over deaths?

Want sauce with that?


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You’re Kidding

Bravo city of Boise. They have just hired 600 goats from “We Rent Goats” to eat the 680 acres of noxious weeds growing in the foothills instead of using weed killer. Price for 600 goats? $2,100. Hmm, price for a good goat curry $15.00


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Quick Quiz

Which city is the gayest in America? Come on loons, put on your fluffy slippers and think. According the gay news magazine, the Advocate, the gayest city in America is …. drum roll please….Minneapolis. Well I’ll be a fairy princess!


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Play By The Rules

$27,000 you say?

Welcome to North Port, I hope your stay with us will be pleasant if not expensive. Life for some has became a friggin nightmare since the city decided to crack down on rule violations. Diane Pearson is one who knows what Nazis they have become. She now owes $27,000 in fines because she had a car sitting in her driveway without a valid license plate for 4 months. The city fined her $50 a day and continued to do so a year after the car was removed. OK, Ms Pearson failed to notify them that the car had been picked up by a church group but $27,000. Last year the city offered to settle the case for $6,200  but she was unable to afford to pay the amount within a year. Now she is all lawyered up and ready to take them on.


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