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Look At My New Toy Mom!

An 8 year old brings a loaded gun to his Queens elementary school and sells it to his classmate for $3….priceless. The incident was uncovered when the second boy showed his bargain to his mom when he got home. School officials in Flushing contacted police after one very angry mom rocked up with a “please friggin explain”. Both the little kid and his dad (who owned the Taurus 9 mm) were promptly arrested.


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Anger Management Fail

I knew I should have taken home economics!

No, no, no, you are doing it all wrong Faribah Maradiaga, you don’t go and stab a classmate during anger management class. Sheez, you ain’t  ever going to pass if you do that? Seems the trouble allegedly started when Maradiaga got all stroppy while watching a video on anger management and another student told her to “give it a chance”. Hmm, that didn’t go down all that well, Maradiaga, jumped up from her seat and pulled out a 3″ blade and stabbed her.


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Classmate’s Brain In Jar

OMG, imagine going on a school excursion to a mortuary and discovering your school mate’s brains in a jar? That’s what happened to a group of snowflakes from Port Richmond High School in the US. Unbeknown to his family during his autopsy Jesse Shipley (17) had his brain removed after dying in a car accident. When the kids went on an excursion to the Staten Island mortuary a couple of students noticed a label on a jar and realized it was their school mates brain floating in formaldehyde . Awkward. Distraught, they returned to school and one of them told the sister of Jesse. The horrified parents had no idea their son had been buried without his brain. They are now suing New York’s Medical Examiner after being forced to have a second burial.


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