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The Last Thing I Remember was Dusting the Dashboard

Holy Swedish meatball, Batman, a cleaning lady has managed to commandeered/steal a train and then crash it in to a house at the posh end of town. Ta-da. Swedish police are still unsure what the hell happened, whether she actually stole it or whether she had accidentally knocked a lever or two. Anywho, the train was going at about 50m/h (80km/h) when it flew off the rails, skidded across the snow and kaboomed straight into the first floor kitchen of a house. The cleaning lady is currently in hospital while  the train remains inside the house.


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Cleaning Lady Scrubs Million Dollar Sculpture

Oh dear, a cleaning lady in Germany is in big doo-dah after she destroyed a sculpture in the Ostwall Museum thinking it was a dirty mess. The sculpture titled When It Starts Dripping From the Ceiling was valued at $1.1 million. The cleaner mistook the  beige layer of paint (representing rain water) on the tower as a  stain so began scrubbing at it until it became nice and shiny. Oh and just to make it a little extra cringe worthy the sculpture was on loan from a private collector. Egads!


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