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Not Until I See Your Face Mister

Cut the crap and show me your face

Hero alert. Don’t mess with no convenience store clerk in Oswego County, New York, fool, it’ll only end in tears and an arrest. When Rashad Wilson entered the Kwik Fill convenience store wearing a ski mask , black hoodie and carrying a handgun he thought  it wouldn’t be hard to convince the clerk into handing over cigarettes. Wrong! The clerk told him no way, unless he took off the mask. Even after Wilson flashed the handgun the clerk refused to budge. In the end a dejected Wilson left empty handed, the clerk rang police and now his sorry ass is in jail. Hasn’t anyone told you smoking is dangerous?

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Honey, Where’s the Kid?

Hey, wait for me!

OK, here’s the thing jewel thieves, when robbing a store don’t be leaving your 4 year old boy behind. It is alleged the couple and child entered the Platinum & Ice Jewelry store in Philadelphia and asked to view some rings and jewelry. The next thing the clerk knew they had grabbed a tray of items valued at over $100,000 and bolted with kid in tow. However, after 2 and half blocks the rather fit clerk had managed to catch up with them. The male thief then whipped out a knife, slashing the clerk’s face and neck, before fleeing with the his partner in crime, leaving the clerk to deal with his flesh wound and the confused little boy. As of yet no one has come forward to claim him.


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