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Wakey Wakey Cleveland Park

Good Morning Cleveland Park

Good Morning Cleveland Park

You know what I hate? Friggin home alarms. You know what Cleveland Park residents in Washington hate?  Friggin 1970’s Municipal Civil Defense system alarms. Bleary eyed locals were wondering who’s ear piercing alarm was going off at 5.30am and why they weren’t turning the friggin thing off. Hello, can’t hear myself think!!! For 2 hours the noise penetrated the usually quite neighborhood. The sound it seems was coming from  Building 39 on the University of the District of Columbia campus. Despite initial denials the University had to admit it was their alarm. They also had to admit they didn’t know how to turn the damn thing off. It was installed in the 1970’s. Hmm, it is believed the alarm was installed as a civil alert system (would have come in handy during 9/11!). Anywho, everyone thought the system had been disconnected years ago…obviously not. But even more strange, no one seems to have recalled the sirens ever having gone off. I smell a Uni prank!

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