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Honey, I Dropped the Kid

Oh for crying out loud. A woman decided to dangle her two year old kid over the cheetah enclosure at a Cleveland zoo (what could possibly go wrong?). Whoopsie…he slipped. The child kaboomed 12ft to the bottom of the pit where the cheetahs just stared. Meanwhile, the horrified parents did the super hero act by jumping in for a rescue. In a kind “what now” scenerio the family waited to be rescued by head shaking staff. Zoo officials said the cheetahs didn’t attack because the whole episode scared the bejezzus out of them.


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Mistaken Identity

And they thought we were slow!

Just a quick community service announcement to the people of Cleveland , you know Mary, that 100 year old tortoise at the zoo? Yeah well it is really a male, so from now on can you call him Terry, thanks!

Psst The 400lb tortoise arrived at the zoo in 1955 for goodness sakes, didn’t anyone bother to have a look see?


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