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Don’t Try This at Home

Egads, this Norwegian  dude actually survived, after the high bar he was somersaulting on collapsed and he was flung over the 1200m cliff  just missing the rock face. Lucky he had a parachute and a documentary team to capture it all.


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A Chinese golfer playing at the Howick Golf course in Auckland has been found at the bottom of a 100ft cliff. It is believed he fell while looking for his ball. The man was discovered  by a groundsman who had noticed his golf cart hadn’t moved for 15 minutes. He is in currently in hospital in a serious condition.


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Monkey See, Monkey Do

Oooh, that's gotta hurt!

Oooh, that's gotta hurt!

Only days after a woman claimed an elephant hurled a rock at her head, another woman, Zhou Juchang (60), claims a monkey pushed her off a cliff. Evidently she tumbled down a 7m rockface, breaking three ribs and fracturing a hip, after the primate took a dislike to her. Hello, don’t be holding a bag of food without sharing it with a monkey people! Hmm, now the woman is planning to sue her travel agent because they were the ones who organized the trip to the Chengu Wildlife Park in China. The park’s response “If you show fear a monkey will bully you,”. Hmm, so that’s why she is now focusing on suing the ass of her travel agent, dissed!

Animals in captivity 2, paying customers 0


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