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Grubby Restaurant

How would you like your caterpillars cooked?

How would you like your caterpillars cooked?

Egads, an African restaurant in France has been closed after health inspectors discovered a pot of boiling caterpillars in the kitchen. Evidently they are a common source of protein in Africa. They also had to throw out 300lbs of meat because they could not produce certificates showing the origin of it. Hmm, probably horse ūüėĮ


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We Prefer That You Stink

Try this!

You can’t say Commerce City ain’t always thinking. The city are planning to shut down two water features near the Dick’s Sporting Goods Park¬† because of a Phish concert (alternative rock band). They are concerned “Phisheads” will use the fountains to swim,¬† piss¬† and bathe in. Seems the three day event includes allowing the hippies fans to camp outside of Dick’s and by all accounts they don’t wash very often! Phish!


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News Of The World Axed

News of the World is gone dot com! After 168 years Rupert Murdoch has been forced to close the paper thanks to a hacking and bribery scandal. Seems up to 4,000 phones were hacked by a private investigator working for Murdoch’s paper in order to get fodder for their stories. The most serious being the phone hacking of murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler. The private detective hired to retrieve info had deleted several messages from her phone during the search for Milly leading the family to believe she was still alive.¬† Then there’s the corrupt police officers who were paid thousands by the News of The World journos for confidential information.The former editor Andy Coulson and several journalists are expected to be arrested soon over the police bribery claims. James Murdoch (Rupert’s son) has even admitted to trying to pay off some of the victims to buy their silence.¬† Oh and did I happen to mention the Prime Minister hired Andy Coulson as his chief spin doctor.Tsk, tsk, tsk. But don’t fret, cynics believe this is just a clever ruse by Murdoch to re-brand the paper. Hmm, so much for Fair and Balanced!!!!

Psst It is expected that 200 people will lose their jobs but surprisingly Rebekah Brooks ,the UK boss, and James Murdoch (Rupert’s son) won’t be among¬† them!


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