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Hidden Danger At Playground

OK, firstly I had no idea it was a “thing” but evidently you can get zapped in playgrounds by static electricity. Who knew right? A playground in Perth has been closed due to “the high levels of static electricity it is currently giving off,”. Seems people with pacemakers or cochlear implants are most at risk . Hmm, and here I was thinking people who hate messy hair. The playground will be closed until further notice.

PSST This is why we are known as the State of Excitement!!!!



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Health and Safety Strikes Again

noA modern mosque in Cape Town that is pro gay and allows women to lead prayers has been closed indefinitely after 4 days. Reason? No Loons, not because of death threats or complaints ….wait for it … because of local councillors who say they have violated municipal by-laws by not having any parking spaces….oh and because they converted an old  warehouse without permission.


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Footloose II

Put those poles away girls it's back to praying!

Tsk, tsk, naughty nuns, the Pope no longer sees your dancing around the altar as cute. You’re fired.Pope Benedict has closed the monastery of Santa Croce in Gerusalemme after an inquiring into the dancing nuns. Hmm and yes, they are the very same ones Madonna (the singer) and other celebrities have been known to hang out with.  As for the monks, they too have been given their marching orders and have now been relocated to other churches in Italy.

Want sauce with that?


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How Old Do You Feel?

It’s the end of an era loons. The last typewriter factory in the world has closed it’s doors. Godrej & Boyce Manufacturing Co. Ltd in Mumbai , India can no longer justify being open.


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Honey, Feel Like Some Bacon and Eggs?

Hello, I ate that shit!!!!

Oh my, feeding animals with toxic , cancer causing chemicals can’t be good. Urgh, just ask the  4,700 German  farmers (so far) whose livestock have been contaminated with dioxin, a cancer causing chemical and their farms closed indefinitely. The culprit?  Harles and Jentzsch. It has been alleged  the company accidentally  supplied 3,000 tonnes of it to animal feed makers.The shit was supposedly intended for use in bio-oils not animal feed.  Now it is feared that over 150,000 tons of the contaminated poultry and swine food has been used by farmers. Hmm, to make matter worse tests were done in March but the results (which are alarming) weren’t announced until December.  OMG, that means people have been getting dioxined all year long…..everybody panic!!!!

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Friggin Fleas

Kind of ironic that the Fairfield County Department of Health in Ohio has been shut down because of a flea infestation. How did they get that…ah don’t ask! There will be some cleaning and fogging going on over the weekend so staff can finally stop scratching.

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Bankers Have The Last Laugh At Obama

OK, I hope the Republicans don’t read anything into this but some dumbassed bank robber, wearing an Obama mask, tried holding up a bank in Kirchheim, Austria. Only problem … it was friggin closed. Staff however were still inside participating in an after hours training session and took great delight in laughing as the dumbass banged on the door with his gun demanding to be let it. The more they laughed the more angry he got. In the end he took whatever dignity he had left and fled.


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